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sacred fern

yoga in niagara


Sonya Marie de Lazzer
Yoga Instructor (500 hr YTT + 200 hr Kundalini)
PhD Candidate, Art and Visual Culture, Western Ontario




Amidst a buzzing schedule, yoga is the constant in my life.


My personal practice helps me find balance between a busy work calendar, filled with curating, teaching art history, running a university art gallery, and working toward the completion of my PhD. 
Inspired by a love of teaching and a commitment to wellness, I decided to complete my Yoga Teacher Training, and am now a 500 hr Yoga Teacher + am trained in 200 hr Kundalini. 

Patterns of stress and anxiety tend to find a way into our lives, with agendas of late nights, early mornings, and what sometimes feels like an endless stream of deadlines and commitments; little sleep and full days lead us to exhaustion. Finding yoga and breath-work continues to offer me the opportunity to slow down and begin to cultivate a more mindful awareness around and within my daily life. 


“Moving the body allows your body to tell its story, and it helps connect us more closely to our minds; some days we have a long story, other days a shorter story. Some days the story can be really difficult to tell, and sometimes it just feels natural. Whatever the story may be, whatever you arrive with, I invite you to welcome yourself onto your mat with compassion, kindness, and patience, and care."

Thanks for being here xo

When we walk slowly,
                        the world can fully appear.
Not only are the creatures not frightened away by our haste, or aggression, but the fine detail of fern and flower, or devastation and                       disruption, becomes visible.
Many of us hurry along because we do not want to see what is really going on in and around us. We are afraid to let our senses touch the body of suffering or the body of beauty. 
                                                                    -Joan Halifax 
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